What Are Common Types Of Environmental Litigation Cases That Your Firm Handles?

Our law firm handles a wide variety of environmental contamination cases, representing homeowners, property owners and tenants with regard to weed or insect killers (Roundup, etc.) or other chemicals, as well as air pollution, petroleum contamination cases, and mold contamination. 

Why Do These Types Of Cases Typically Go To Litigation?

If you have suffered property damage or personal injury and illness as a result of contamination from a source that can be identified, you are likely to have a potential case. You should consult with an experienced attorney. 

What Are Potential Resolutions To Consider When It Comes To Environmental Litigation Issues?

You may receive money damages and remediation (clean up) of any contamination, as well as possibly medical and environmental monitoring to ensure that the contamination doesn’t continue and to see if it causes you any future illness. 

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